508 PV™ Microscope Spectrophotometer

The 508 PV™ microscope spectrophotometer is designed to add spectroscopy, color imaging, thin film thickness measurement and colorimetry capabilities to your optical microscope or probe station. It can also be used to upgrade an older microspectrometer with cutting edge optics, electronics and software.

Key Features*

Add the 508 PV™ to any microscope or probe station for spectroscopy, colorimetry and micro spot film thickness.

  • Featuring Lightblades™ spectrophotometers designed specifically for microspectroscopy
  • User selected spectral range from deep UV to NIR
  • 250 to 2100 nm available spectral range
  • Permanently calibrated, variable measurement areas even below a micron
  • Thermoelectric cooling available to improve signal-to-noise ratios and long term stability.
  • Incorporates high resolution, color digital imaging…up to 6 megapixels available
  • Featured with Lambdafire™ spectroscopy and imaging control and analysis software.  Lambdafire™ also includes touchscreen control.
  • Calibrated, variable measurement areas even smaller than a micron
  • Transmission microspectroscopy
  • Reflectance microspectroscopy
  • Fluorescence microspectroscopy
  • Polarization microspectroscopy
  • Thin film thickness measurements
  • Colorimetry of microscopic samples
  • Refractive index measurements with the rIQ™ package
  • Manual or fully automated operation
  • Precision temperature control of samples
  • Specialized software including statistical analysis, spectral databasing, image analysis and more
  • NIST traceable microspectrometer standards
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • From the experts in microspectroscopy
508 PV Microscope Spectrophotometer