Laser encoder interfaces

Flexible laser interfaces for high resolution applications.

RLI20-P laser interface – Panasonic

The RLI20-P interfaces a Renishaw laser encoder system with a Panasonic controller (MINAS A5-SERIES).  Using the 1 Vpp analogue quadrature signals from the laser encoder the output is passed through a high speed interpolator before being output as incremental position reading in an RS485 format.

Features and benefits

  • Panasonic capability – directly compatible with Panasonic controller (MINAS A5-SERIES)
  • Fast communications – high speed internal position update rate (100 MHz)
  • High accuracy – low SDE contribution (± 0.5 nm)


Resolution 1nm(plane mirror system)
2 nm(retroreflector system)
Maximum velocity 1 m/s (plane mirror system)
2 m/s (retroreflector system)
Output signal 2.5 Mbps RS485, compatible with Panasonic
MINAS A5 series controllers


Velocity <50 mm/s <1 m/s <100 mm/s <2 m/s
SDE* 0.5 nm 2 nm 1 nm 4 nm

*Non-linearity error

RLI20-P laser interface – Panasonic