RVI20 vacuum compatible interferometer

The RVI20 is a vacuum compatible interferometer assembly for plane mirrors, which when used with a Renishaw RLD10-A3-XX detector head offers the ability to keep the entire measurement path within the vacuum environment.

The RVI20 is designed to be mounted within the vacuum chamber and the laser beam passed from the RLD10-A3-XX detector head through a chamber window into the RVI20 and then onto the plane mirror.

Features and benefits

  • Relative measurements – allows for relative measurements between two parts of the machine, such as tool and workpiece.
  • Vacuum compatibility – compatible with high vacuum applications and is suitable for mounting within the vacuum chamber.
  • High quality optics – the RVI20 contains Renishaw’s high quality interferometer optical assembly normally used within the RLD detector head.

RVI20 has been developed for use in laser encoder applications where the measurement path is required to be within the vacuum environment.

RVI20 vacuum compatible interferometer