RLU10 laser unit

RLU10 offers a laser frequency stability of ±50 ppb over any one hour time period, which offers performance levels suitable for the majority of ‘in air’ applications.

Features and benefits

Combining the RLU10 with Renishaw detector heads (RLDs) suitable for the required application offers the following features and benefits:

  • Simple system architecture – utilising Renishaw’s unique fibre optic delivery system
  • Rapid alignment – RLD detector heads allow for laser beams to be mounted directly to the measurement axis
  • Compact and easy to set up – with minimal system footprint and installation time

RLU10 overview

Fibre lengths 3 m or 6 m*
Number of axes Single or dual*
Laser source Class 2 HeNe
Outputs Analogue / digital quadrature
Velocities Up to 2 m/s**

* Configured from the factory
** Version / resolution dependent

RLU10 performance

Laser frequency stability (1 minute) ‹±10 ppb
Laser frequency stability (1 hour) ‹±50 ppb
Laser frequency stability (8 hours) ‹±50 ppb
Vacuum wavelength stability (over 3 years) ±0.1 ppm

XY stage application

Looking for a suitable laser encoder for an XY stage application within an ‘in air’ environment? The RLE10-DX-XG is a popular choice for this type of application, utilising our RLU10 laser unit combined with two RLD10-A3-P9 (plane mirror interferometer 90°) heads.


RLU10 laser unit