Laser encoder interfaces

Flexible laser interfaces for high resolution applications.

RSU10 USB interface

The RSU10 USB interface accepts a 1 Vpp sine / cosine signal from an RLE system, interpolates by x16,384 and provides a position reading via a USB port.

Using an RSU10 allows for measurement data to be compatible with Renishaw’s established calibration software packages (LaserXL and QuickViewXL). This provides the ideal solution for users who need to view and analyse real-time dynamic measurement data.

A software development kit (SDK) with a maximum update rate of 20 Hz is supplied with each RSU10 which allows the development of function specific software.

Features and benefits

  • High resolution – x16,384 interpolation provides signal resolution to 9.64 picometres at velocity of 1 m/s
  • Flexible software – compatible with established calibration packages and offers the flexibility of Renishaw’s software development kit.
  • Automated data capture – TPin trigger input facility allows data capture to commence on receipt of an externally generated signal.


Resolution 9.64 picometres (plane mirror system)
19.28 picometres (retroreflector system)
Maximum velocity 1 m/s (plane mirror system)
2 m/s (retroreflector system)
Maximum update rate 50 kHz (20 Hz max when using SDK)


Velocity <50 mm/s <1 m/s <100 mm/s <2 m/s
SDE* 3 nm 4 nm 6 nm 8 nm

*Non-linearity error

RSU10 USB interface